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Size: 2070*900*550mm
Size: Size:2070*900*550mm
Size: 2070*900*550mm
Size: 2125*970*540mm Packing size: 205*96*26CM /2PCS Max Loading:180KG(400lb) in movement Material: steel electrostatic spraying Backrest tilting From 0°to 75° ±5° Standard Accessories: 4pcs 5”…
It is widely used in laboratories, schools, institutes, hospitals and many other places.
12 CHANNEL ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH (AXIOM – UK) Basic Information: Art.No. ECG-KT1200 Lead: standard 12 leads Patient leak current: <10μA Input impedance:…
Size: 900*400*1850mm
2 Function Manual Hospital Bed (Axiom – UK) Basic Information Model: BT602M Size: 2125*970*540mm Max loading: 180KG in movement Material:…
Size: 2125*970*540mm Packing size: 205*96*26cm/2pcs Max Load:180KG(400lb) in movement Material: steel electrostatic spraying Backrest tilting From 0°to 75° ±5° Footrest tilting From 0°to 40° ±5° Sit Position function…
Size: 2070*900*550mm
Product Size:2125*970*540mm Packing size: 205*96*26cm/2pcs Max loading:180KG(400lb) in movement Backrest tilting From 0°to 75°±5° Footrest tilting From 0°to 40°±5° Standard Accessories: 4pcs 5” standard castor two with brake,…
Size: 1950*700*450~680mm Gross weight: 50KG Net weight: 48KG

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